2017 SHL Week 11 Team Stats

Team Totals

Team             GP    SH    G    A  Pts   PP%  +/-
Anchorage        55  2348  214  403  617  19.8   88
Dakota           55  2416  201  371  572  19.4    0
Hershey          55  2029  193  358  551  22.3   21
Saskatchewan     55  1751  174  324  498  17.5    7
New York         55  2192  164  310  474  18.5  -45
Hamilton         55  1825  160  302  462  21.0  -20
Seattle          55  1651  155  287  442  19.8  -86
Michigan         55  1799  155  281  436  16.8   57
Washington       55  2006  154  281  435  19.6   17
Quebec           55  1354  105  186  291  17.3  -39

Team             GP   W   L   T   GAA   SH   SV    SV%   PK%  PIM
Michigan         55  36  15   4  1.65 1565 1473  0.941  85.4  445
Anchorage        55  38  11   6  2.16 1748 1628  0.931  84.8  484
Washington       55  29  26   0  2.61 1788 1644  0.919  78.8  540
Quebec           55  20  28   7  2.77 1748 1593  0.911  80.4  494
Hamilton         55  26  28   1  2.92 1954 1792  0.917  86.2  515
Hershey          55  30  19   6  3.00 1790 1623  0.907  78.7  443
Saskatchewan     55  22  31   2  3.13 2111 1938  0.918  77.7  443
Dakota           55  22  31   2  3.75 2023 1815  0.897  76.5  453
New York         55  19  33   3  3.95 2368 2149  0.908  77.0  516
Seattle          55  16  36   3  4.23 2276 2041  0.897  81.3  481

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2017 SHL Week 11 League Leaders

Koons          ANC     82
Ericsson       ANC     80
Frye           HAM     75
Sweet          HSY     69
Frost          ANC     68
Smyth          HAM     67
Valentine      HSY     65
Karlsson       DAK     63
Hart           HSY     62
Alexander      HAM     61

Koons          ANC     40
Frost          ANC     40
Alexander      HAM     39
Valentine      HSY     37
Manning        NY      34
Frye           HAM     32
Mango          SEA     32
Airston        DAK     27
Beasley        SAS     26
Karlsson       DAK     25

Ericsson       ANC     65
Smyth          HAM     61
Lidjya         DAK     50
Sweet          HSY     45
Barnes         SAS     44
Frye           HAM     43
Hart           HSY     43
Koons          ANC     42
Milton         HSY     42
Lafayette      HAM     41

     Penalty Minutes     
Gromov         HSY     98
Madison        MIC     95
Kalashnikov    QUE     83
Hogaboom       WSH     83
Zhzhynov       QUE     80
Collins        ANC     79
Hendricks      DAK     78
Nurmi          NY      73
Warriner       WSH     73
Hunt           NY      72

Frederick      ANC     49
Koons          ANC     48
Frost          ANC     48
Ericsson       ANC     48
Keefe          ANC     44
Douglas        MIC     34
Kronstein      MIC     31
Bailes         MIC     30
Madison        MIC     30
Lunsford       MIC     30

       Goalie Wins       
Worthington    ANC     28
Lundquist      MIC     28
Colt           HSY     22
Orion          WSH     20
Tiktuunen      QUE     17

Lundquist      MIC   1.43
Tiktuunen      QUE   1.72
Worthington    ANC   1.82
Orion          WSH   2.45
Copeland       MIC   2.66

         Save %          
Lundquist      MIC  0.951
Tiktuunen      QUE  0.945
Worthington    ANC  0.941
Orion          WSH  0.925
Koskinen       HAM  0.925

SHL Player of the Week – Week 11

Jerry Koons

The SHL selected Anchorage Igloos LW Jerry Koons as its Player of  the Week.  It’s the second time this season Koons has received the honor; he was also chosen back in Week 5.  Koons wasn’t able to repeat his 14-point performance from that week, but he did put up 9 points (4 goals, 5 assists) and led the Igloos to an undefeated week that puts them in position to claim the Western division title.  With his strong week, Koons is now tied with teammate Jake Frost for the league lead in goals with 40, and now holds the overall SHL lead in points with 82.

On Saturday, Koons had a goal and an assist as Anchorage swamped Saskatchewan 5-2.  On Tuesday, he scored twice and added an assist in a 6-0 rout of Dakota.  And on Friday, Koons put up a goal and two assists in a 5-4 win over Seattle.

“I’m pulling for Koonsy to win the [goal] title, honestly,” said Frost.  “Everyone knows my name, and they think this is my team.  But Jerry’s as important to us as I am.  More, even.  If we win the Vandy again this year, it’s going to be because Koonsy and me and Nicky and everybody gets this done.”

2017 SHL Week 11 Standings

East W L T Pts GF GA Home Away
Hershey Bliss 30 19 6 66 193 167 17-10-2 13-9-4
Washington Galaxy 29 26 0 58 154 144 16-12-0 13-14-0
Hamilton Pistols 26 28 1 53 160 162 15-13-0 11-15-1
Quebec Tigres 20 28 7 47 105 155 10-14-5 10-14-2
New York Night 19 33 3 41 164 219 10-15-1 9-18-2
West W L T Pts GF GA Home Away
Anchorage Igloos 38 11 6 82 214 120 17-6-3 21-5-3
Michigan Gray Wolves 36 15 4 76 155 92 19-6-2 17-9-2
Dakota Jackalopes 22 31 2 46 201 208 12-14-1 10-17-1
Saskatchewan Shockers 22 31 2 46 174 173 12-14-2 10-17-0
Seattle Sailors 16 36 3 35 155 235 6-20-1 10-16-2

Interview of the Week: Arkady Golynin

This week’s interview is with Dakota Jackalopes RW Arkady Golynin.

SHL Digest: We’re here this week with one of the SHL’s brightest young scoring prospects, Arkady Golynin of the Dakota Jackalopes.  Arkady, thanks for speaking with us.

Arkady Golynin: It is a great honor.  Thank you very much.

SHLD: You’re not a household name, but with the way you’ve been playing, you might be on your way to becoming one.  Last season, in your rookie year, you broke out with 23 goals.  This year, you’re on pace to match that mark. What’s the secret to your success?

AG: I have a good shot.  When I was a boy, I drew a box on the side of my house.  Every day I practiced shots at the box.  Aim for this corner, that corner, in the five-hole.  After many years, I got it so that I could make my shots with my eyes closed.  Now when I am on the ice, in the middle of a big game, I just pretend I am looking at the box.

SHLD: A born shooter like you must really enjoy playing for a team like Dakota, which is geared toward offense.

AG: Yes, I like it very much.  To me, this is the heart of hockey: speed and skill.  Close timing, skillful passes.  It is a ballet on skates, and it is beautiful.

SHLD: Obviously, other teams in the league have a very different philosophy, teams like Michigan and Quebec.

AG: Yes, their style is heavy and hard.  Hard hits, blood on the ice.  I think it is ugly, but I know it is Canadian and American style.  In Russia, we grew up on the game of Tarasov, Tretiak, like that.  Very fluid and beautiful.

SHLD: You are one of the smaller players in the league at only 5’7″.  Some of the league’s harder-hitting defensemen have targeted you because of your size, figuring they can push you around.

AG: Yes, but they are slow and I can skate around them! (laughs)

SHLD: So you don’t find that your size is a challenge when playing hockey at the highest level?

AG: No, I do not.  In the end, it is the skill that makes the player, not the height.  Would I like to be a tall man like Jumbo Joe [Freedlander]?  Maybe it would be nice, especially when dealing with ladies.  But for hockey, I am happy to be just as I am.

SHLD: Let’s talk about the Jackalopes for a moment.  Despite playing in a beautiful style, as you put it, you haven’t been able to keep up with the division powers in Michigan and Anchorage.  What do you think has held you back from greater success?

AG: It is difficult for me to say.  But I think one important thing is that those teams, they can dictate their type of play.  Michigan likes to slow it down, and it is very hard to prevent that.  Anchorage is faster, but they are very smart with possession; they control the ice.

SHLD: There’s some talk about Dakota rebuilding this offseason.  Are you worried what might happen to the team in the future?

AG: I have many friends on the team, and I will be said if they are not around anymore.  But I am sure we will still have many good players, and we will still be a good team.

SHLD: One last question.  You’ve been in Dakota for almost two years now.  Have you ever seen a jackalope?

AG: (laughs) When I was a rookie, some of the older guys on the team took me and the other rookie out to the Badlands to go on a jackalope hunt.  They sent us rookies out ahead to do “scouting,” while they went back to Wall Drug and had some beers.  I never saw a jackalopes, but I saw a snake.  I do not get along with snakes at all.  When I saw him, I think I ran all the way out of the Badlands by myself.

SHLD: Sounds like quite the adventure!  Well, thank you for your time, Arkady, and best of luck.

AG: This was a fun talk.  I hope we can do it again.

CHL Update: Inaugural Playoff Field Set

The first regular season of the Continental Hockey League, the SHL’s minor league, is now in the books.  (They finished a week ahead of the SHL due to the fact that they didn’t have an All-Star break.)  Now the league is looking forward to its first postseason.  The CHL will have a four-team playoff field, a setup that the SHL plans to adopt next season.  The division playoff will be a best-of-five matchup, with the winners facing off in a best-of-seven series for the league championship.  Here’s a preview of the first-round matchups:

Eastern Division

The Eastern playoff will feature a battle of contrasting styles.  The Virginia Rhinos got off to a strong start this season and never looked back on their way to claiming the division title.  The Rhinos built their success on the strength of a potent offense; their 223 goals were the most in the league by a considerable margin.  They had three of the league’s top 10 goal scorers in LW Yuri Laronov, D Blake Blacklett, and RW Colton Jabril.  Their high-octane offense is backed up by netminder Shawn Stickel, the league’s winningest goaltender, who went 30-16-1 with a 2.54 GAA and a .913 save percentage.  “We’ve got a mighty force here,” said Rhinos coach Jeffrey “Swampy” Marsh.  “Anyone who’s going to stop us is going to have to put up a hell of a fight.”

The Maine Moose might just be a team capable of giving them that fight.  The Moose are the best defensive team in the CHL, true to the spirit of their parent club, the Quebec Tigres.  They are well known for their slow-down style, which is focused on denying opponents offensive zone time.  Maine’s rigid defense allowed only 1551 shots, over 100 fewer than their nearest competitor.  They also have the leagues stingiest penalty kill, stopping 87.8% of power plays cold.  “We might not be the prettiest team out there,” said Moose coach Barney Flintridge, “but our style is darned effective.”   The Moose aren’t all about defense; they have scorers, too.  LW Aaron Knorr, who was the only player in the CHL to put up a four-goal game, scored 23 goals in the season; their top defensive pairing of Richard McKinley and Kirby Hanlon scored 18 apiece.  “Momentum’s been on our side,” said Knorr.  “If Virginia thinks we’re going to be an easy mark, they’re in for a shock.”


Western Division

Ever since they emerged from the pack in the West after the first quarter of the season, the Omaha Ashcats have been regarded as perhaps the CHL’s best team.  They’re not a team with a lot of flashy stars, but they’re a team with impressive strength and depth, as their league-leading +49 rating attests.  They have the league’s top three in plus/minus (LW Kendall Bannon, RW “Action” Asher Ravenbloom, and C Dale Wilcox), with D Duncan DeShantz close behind.  “This isn’t a team that relies on star power,” said coach Randy Bergner.  “We get our strength from the fact that we play as a unit.  All for one and one for all; it may sound corny, but we believe it.”  Goalie Gus Parrish provides some veteran experience to back up a young squad (24-12-1, 2.72 GAA).  Small wonder that Omaha is generally considered the favorite to win the CHL championship.

It’s certainly not a surprise that the Ashcats are a huge favorite over the Utah Owls, who slipped into the playoffs with a less-than-breathtaking 31-24-5 record and are probably best known around the league for their rambunctious antics on the road.  Even though the Owls saw a couple of their top prospects, LW Sylvester Catarino and D Rocky Winkle, called up to the parent New York Night early in the season, they still held their own.  Utah’s greatest strength is their goaltending.  Veteran “Jersey Mike” Ross was the starter for much of the season and he was excellent, but prospect Sherman Carter rejoined the team down the stretch, and his numbers (2.30 GAA and .929 save percentage) suggest a player who could give the Ashcats fits.  But the player who really puts the fear of God into opponents is D Donald Duckworth.  He’s a two-way threat, the only player in the league to be in the top 10 in both goals (25) and penalty minutes (108).  “That guy’s just plain crazy,” said Owls C Lloyd “Goofy” Banjax.  “You look at him the wrong way, and he’s liable to knock you into next week.  If you make him mad, God help you.”  Utah also finished the season hot, going 13-3-4 over the final month.  If the Owls can keep their penchant for on-the-road revelry (which have contributed to their 12-16-2 road record, the worst by far among playoff teams), they might give Omaha a run for their money.