Anchorage Igloos

Anchorage Igloos

Founded: 2015

Owners: Leslie and Colin Mills

Arena: Arctic Circle Arena



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Anchorage Igloos Home Uniform Anchorage Igloos Road Uniform




GM: Will Thorndike

Coach: Sam Castor

Assistant Coach: Patrick Chillingham


# First Line Pos.
44 Jerry Koons LW
48 Ted Keefe D
36 Jake Frost C
42 Sebastian Pomfret D
15 Nicklas Ericsson RW
# Second Line Pos.
55 Les Collins LW
51 Rudolf Kerasov D
4 Tom Hoffman C
47 Olaf Martinsson D
74 Waldo Miranda RW
# Third Line Pos.
25 Tadeusz Adamczyk LW
79 “Chilly Willy” Calligan D
35 Jens Bunyakin C
27 Tony Citrone D
 98 Jean Pierre Fleury RW
# Reserves Pos.
29 Vitaly Dyomin D
11 Gene Kennedy F
81 Broni Zhlotkin F
# Goalies
1 Ty Worthington
31 Wendall Cantillon