2018 SHL Week 9 Team Stats

Team Totals

Team              GP    SH    G    A  Pts   PP%  +/-
Hamilton          42  1370  153  280  433  19.8   52
New York          42  1643  150  273  423  20.8   11
Washington        42  1420  143  262  405  22.2   -2
Seattle           42  1511  138  253  391  17.9  -21
Anchorage         42  1499  131  250  381  14.4   27
Hershey           42  1506  122  233  355  16.2    2
Quebec            42  1181  119  218  337  11.9   38
Kansas City       42  1045  119  213  332  14.5  -42
Michigan          42  1245  118  209  327  12.0   34
Dakota            42  1350  114  206  320  17.1  -29
Saskatchewan      42  1363   95  175  270  13.5  -12
Boston            42   902   82  155  237  19.5  -58

Team              GP   W   L   T   GAA   SH   SV    SV%   PK%  PIM
Quebec            42  27  15   0  1.85 1158 1080  0.933  91.4  354
Michigan          42  30   9   3  1.89 1050  970  0.924  87.0  431
Hamilton          42  29   9   4  2.10 1219 1130  0.927  86.5  437
Anchorage         42  22  20   0  2.58 1289 1180  0.915  83.9  464
Saskatchewan      42  16  23   3  2.65 1276 1164  0.912  83.2  469
Hershey           42  17  23   2  2.93 1188 1064  0.896  85.4  469
Washington        42  25  17   0  3.00 1385 1259  0.909  86.0  396
Boston            42  12  29   1  3.34 1371 1230  0.897  78.0  402
Dakota            42  17  24   1  3.45 1453 1307  0.900  78.3  404
New York          42  20  20   2  3.55 1632 1482  0.908  76.4  451
Seattle           42  17  24   1  3.75 1556 1398  0.898  82.3  402
Kansas City       42  10  29   3  4.03 1458 1287  0.883  82.2  407

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2018 SHL Week 9 League Leaders

McNeely        WSH     73
Lafayette      HAM     65
Thurman        WSH     65
Frye           HAM     64
Costello       WSH     58
Alexander      HAM     55
Winchester     NY      52
Manning        NY      50
Camernitz      QUE     49
Valentine      HSY     46

McNeely        WSH     41
Alexander      HAM     39
Manning        NY      32
Frost          ANC     29
Frye           HAM     29
Thurman        WSH     26
Bailes         MIC     22
Pepper         SEA     22
Darnholm       BOS     21
Mirac          QUE     21

Lafayette      HAM     51
Costello       WSH     47
Winchester     NY      43
Thurman        WSH     39
Smyth          HAM     35
Frye           HAM     35
Sanchez        NY      35
Koons          ANC     34
McNeely        WSH     32
Camernitz      QUE     31

     Penalty Minutes     
Duckworth      NY      89
Mulligan       HAM     79
Nistrumov      SAS     76
Baker          BOS     71
Meloche        HSY     71
Hogaboom       WSH     71
Trefilov       DAK     65
Gromov         HSY     65
Smyth          HAM     64
Wesson         KC      63

Alexander      HAM     34
Frye           HAM     34
Lafayette      HAM     34
Kronstein      MIC     27
Frederick      ANC     23
Beruschko      MIC     23
Smyth          HAM     22
Risch          HAM     22
Madison        MIC     19
Ilyushin       QUE     18

       Goalie Wins       
Lundquist      MIC     26
Koskinen       HAM     23
Tiktuunen      QUE     22
Worthington    ANC     18
Colt           HSY     16

Lundquist      MIC   1.70
Lattimore      QUE   1.73
Tiktuunen      QUE   1.88
Koskinen       HAM   2.07
Mason          HAM   2.23

         Save %          
Tiktuunen      QUE  0.936
Lundquist      MIC  0.933
Koskinen       HAM  0.933
Worthington    ANC  0.927
Orion          WSH  0.919

SHL Quote of the Week (Week 9)

“If I had to put a timeline on when we’re going to compete, I’d say sometime between next year and the end of the universe.”


SHL Player of the Week – Week 9

Zeke Zagurski

The SHL selected Saskatchewan Shockers G Zeke Zagurski as its Player of the Week.  Zagurski had a tremendous week in net for the Shockers, going 3-0-1 with a 0.73 GAA and a .976 save percentage.  With Zagurski leading the way, the Shockers posted a 3-1-1 record on the week, better than any other team in the West.  For the season, Zagurski stands at 12-18-3, with a 2.52 GAA and a .917 save percentage.

On Saturday, Zagurski made 28 saves to outduel Riki Tiktuunen and the Quebec Tigres, 2-1.  On Tuesday, he stopped all 37 Washington shots as the Shockers knocked off the Galaxy 1-0.  On Friday, Zagurski made 29 stops as Saskatchewan rolled to a 10-1 thrashing of New York.

“One of these days, people are going to realize that Zeke is one of the league’s best netminders,” said Shockers interim coach Caleb Ponder.  “He doesn’t get enough credit because we don’t win enough games, but when we finally make it to the playoffs and make some noise, the world will finally recognize Zeke’s greatness.”


2018 SHL Week 9 Standings

East W L T Pts GF GA Home Away
Hamilton Pistols 29 9 4 62 153 89 16-6-1 13-3-2
Quebec Tigres 27 15 0 54 119 78 17-7-0 10-8-0
Washington Galaxy 25 17 0 50 143 126 15-8-0 10-9-0
New York Night 20 20 2 42 150 150 11-13-0 9-7-2
Hershey Bliss 17 23 2 36 122 124 14-9-2 3-14-0
Boston Badgers 12 29 1 25 82 141 10-13-1 2-16-0
West W L T Pts GF GA Home Away
Michigan Gray Wolves 30 9 3 63 118 80 16-2-1 14-7-2
Anchorage Igloos 22 20 0 44 131 109 11-7-0 11-13-0
Seattle Small Seattle Sailors 17 24 1 35 138 158 8-7-1 9-17-0
Dakota Small Dakota Jackalopes 17 24 1 35 114 146 9-10-0 8-14-1
Saskatchewan Shockers 16 23 3 35 95 112 9-7-1 7-16-2
Kansas City Smoke 10 29 3 23 119 171 6-11-2 4-18-1

CHL Update: Baltimore’s Humphrey Gives Opponent a Hand

Dean Humphrey’s SHL career has been a strange one, to say the least.  The blueliner’s excellent speed and decent passing ability made him a fringe prospect for a time, but his defensive struggles, awkward skating style, and unfortunate knack for bonehead mistakes kept him from seizing a starting job (although it did make him a folk hero in Seattle for a while).

Dean Humphrey

This season, Humphrey couldn’t find a major-league job at all; he wound up signing a minor-league pact with the Washington Galaxy and has spent the season playing for their CHL affiliate, the Baltimore Blue Crabs.  There, the 25-year-old defenseman has continued his typical career trajectory: flashes of promise marred by frustrating errors, a handful of assists, and no goals.

This week, Humphrey scored his first goal of the season; in fact, it’s the first goal of his entire SHL tenure.  Normally, this would be a cause for celebration.  But because this is Humphrey, this was nothing to cheer about.  The reason is that his tally occurred when he inadvertently flung the puck into his own net.

“It’s never easy to guess what you’re going to get with Dean,” said Blue Crabs coach Roland Tedesco.  “But this… this was something else again.”

The incident occurred early in the third period of Friday’s game against the Milwaukee Hogs.  In real time, it unfolded so quickly that it was hard to tell what had happened.  One moment, Humphrey and Hogs D Seth Dowd were chasing after a loose puck in the corner; the next moment, it was behind Crabs goalie Gennady Kulbakin in the net.

It was only after viewing it in slow-motion that the disaster became clear.  Dowd got to the puck first and flipped it toward the crease, only for it to get stuck in Humphrey’s glove.  Humphrey tried to fling the puck away, but it managed to find daylight between the goalie and the crossbar.  Since Dowd was the last Milwaukee player to touch the puck, he received credit for the goal.

“I know closing your hand around the puck is a penalty, so once I felt it in my hand I knew I had to get rid of it,” said Humphrey.  “I just wanted to throw it down in the other corner or flip it to [Kulbakin] so he could cover it, but it just… wound up in the net.”

As the clip replayed on the Jumbotron, the Crabs sarcastically saluted their teammate by thumping their sticks against the boards, while Humphrey tried to hide his face behind a towel.  “The guys already make fun of me a lot,” he admitted.  “And this isn’t really going to help with that.”

Given that Baltimore won the game 6-2 despite the friendly-fire goal, the Crabs’ general postgame reaction was bemusement.  “I’ve seen own goals before, sure,” said C Tucker Barnhill.  “Usually it’s because you’re defending and it takes a bad bounce off your stick, or deflects off your skate blade.  Throwing it into the next, that’s… something you don’t usually see.”

“I was kind of impressed with Humps’ aim there,” said D Stan Shakovich.  “Normally his shots are way off the mark, but this time he throws it and in it goes.  Maybe he should use his hands more often.”

Tedesco’s initially had a hard time seeing the humor in the situation.  “An incredibly dumb move by a dumb player,” the coach fumed in his post-game press conference.  “Humphrey’s got talent, but he’s throwing it away because he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.  If I have to watch that again, I’m going to puke.”

The next day, though, he had calmed down a bit.  “Slow-mo makes it look worse than it was, almost like he did it on purpose,” Tedesco said of the play.  “It was a split-second mistake, and that could happen to anybody.  Somehow, though, it feels like it could only happen to Humphrey.  He’s one of a kind, he really is.”


Interview of the Week: Ron Wright

This week’s interview is with Michigan Gray Wolves coach Ron Wright.

SHL Digest: We’re here this week with Ron Wright, the bench boss for the SHL’s best team, the Michigan Gray Wolves.  Coach Wright, thanks for speaking with us.

Ron Wright

Ron Wright: Don’t mention it.  Speaking to the press is part of my job.

SHLD: I’d ask you about the playoff race, but for your team, there really isn’t one.  You’ve been out front of your division since the start of the season, and now you lead the West by over 20 points.  Are you surprised at how easy it’s been?

RW: Let’s be clear; nothing about a professional hockey season is easy.  Whatever we’ve achieved, we’ve paid for in blood, sweat, and hard work.  That said, we were definitely not expecting to have a lead this large at this point in the season.

SHLD: Having a lead like that must make it tempting to take your foot off the gas and cruise.  How have you kept your team focused and productive?

RW: I’ve always told my guys that we don’t measure ourselves by the competition.  We measure against ourselves.  And they know that I’m not going to ease up in practice or slow down just because we’ve running away with the division.  Dedication and intensity is what wins championships.

SHLD: Speaking of championships, the East is looking stronger this year.  The Hamilton Pistols look like a serious contender, and they’ve played the Wolves tough all season, including a 1-1 tie this week.  What do you think of them?

RW: They’ve come a long way in a short time.  [Keith] Shields has done a hell of a job with them.  They’ve got a powerful offense, and they’ve really integrated their young guys into the program.  Their style is an interesting match for ours; they play faster and more offense-oriented.  And that’s definitely a matchup that could go either way.  We couldn’t take that for granted.

SHLD: The Quebec Tigres are another Eastern team doing well, although their style is more similar to yours.

RW: Yeah, they’re also focused on defense and shot suppression, slowing the pace down.  That’s the matchup that the league is dreading, because it would be so boring.  But that would be a real chess match.

SHLD: The trading deadline just passed, and almost all of the contenders made moves to improve.  The Wolves, on the other hand, stood pat.  Did you consider making trades?

RW: I’m sure [GM Tim] Carrier kicked the tires on a couple things, but no, we weren’t looking to upgrade.  My team is on the ice.  Trying to integrate a new player in midseason is always a challenge; if you’re going to do that, you’d better be confident that it’s a risk worth taking. I’m satisfied with all of my guys.

SHLD: Some thought that you might make a move after [center] Wesley Knight was hit with a 15-game suspension for PED usage.  How have you dealt with that?

RW: Let me say first, that was a real shock and a disappointment when I learned about that.  He’s too good a player to reach for a crutch like that.  But we’ve got Phoenix Cage, who’s stepped in and done a good job in that spot.  He’ll be able to hold the fort until Knight is back.

SHLD: Well, thanks for a wide-ranging and interesting conversation.  Good luck the rest of the season!

RW: Thank you.  I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish.