2017 SHL Week 5 Leaders

Ericsson       ANC     39
Koons          ANC     38
Frye           HAM     38
Smyth          HAM     33
Hart           HSY     33
Frost          ANC     32
Alexander      HAM     32
Valentine      HSY     32
Karlsson       DAK     31
Lafayette      HAM     31

Alexander      HAM     22
Frost          ANC     20
Valentine      HSY     20
Koons          ANC     19
Karlsson       DAK     14
Manning        NY      14
Mango          SEA     14
Airston        DAK     13
Golynin        DAK     13
Lafayette      HAM     12

Ericsson       ANC     36
Frye           HAM     28
Smyth          HAM     27
Lidjya         DAK     25
Hart           HSY     25
Cherner        DAK     22
Milton         HSY     21
Winchester     NY      21
Rivera         DAK     20
Sweet          HSY     20

     Penalty Minutes     
Hogaboom       WSH     56
Madison        MIC     54
Gromov         HSY     53
Zhzhynov       QUE     50
Hendricks      DAK     44
Collins        ANC     41
Warriner       WSH     40
Kalashnikov    QUE     39
Nurmi          NY      38
Citrone        ANC     36

Alexander      HAM     20
Frye           HAM     20
Wesson         HAM     20
Lafayette      HAM     20
Frederick      ANC     19
Smyth          HAM     19
Koons          ANC     18
Frost          ANC     18
Ericsson       ANC     18
Keefe          ANC     18

       Goalie Wins       
Lundquist      MIC     12
Colt           HSY     11
Orion          WSH      9
Worthington    ANC      8
Koskinen       HAM      8

Lundquist      MIC   1.38
Tiktuunen      QUE   1.50
Wampler        HAM   1.97
Copeland       MIC   2.13
Orion          WSH   2.35

         Save %          
Lundquist      MIC  0.957
Tiktuunen      QUE  0.954
Wampler        HAM  0.925
Orion          WSH  0.925
Carter         NY   0.923

2017 SHL Week 5 Team Stats

Team Totals

Team             GP    SH    G    A  Pts   PP%  +/-
Dakota           25  1116  104  197  301  20.7   13
Anchorage        25  1122   98  184  282  21.8   27
Hershey          25   900   89  165  254  24.2    5
Saskatchewan     25   791   79  148  227  20.5   -9
Hamilton         25   850   77  146  223  16.8    4
Michigan         25   833   77  141  218  16.5   36
Seattle          25   791   73  140  213  19.3  -47
Washington       25   906   73  137  210  20.8    6
New York         25  1001   72  134  206  18.0  -19
Quebec           25   610   48   89  137  15.0  -16

Team             GP   W   L   T   GAA   SH   SV    SV%   PK%  PIM
Michigan         25  16   6   3  1.53  768  729  0.949  84.5  243
Washington       25  14  11   0  2.63  816  750  0.919  84.8  274
Anchorage        25  14   7   4  2.68  836  768  0.919  84.3  228
Hamilton         25  13  11   1  2.74  867  798  0.920  84.9  218
Quebec           25   8  13   4  2.92  788  714  0.906  77.1  234
Hershey          25  14   8   3  3.08  808  730  0.903  77.6  199
Saskatchewan     25  10  14   1  3.50 1029  941  0.914  79.7  206
New York         25   9  15   1  3.70 1050  957  0.911  78.0  227
Dakota           25  12  13   0  3.73  928  834  0.899  74.4  209
Seattle          25   6  18   1  4.79 1030  909  0.883  80.0  214

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SHL Player of the Week – Week 5

Jerry Koons

The SHL selected Anchorage Igloos LW Jerry Koons as its Player of the Week.  Koons had one of the highest-scoring weeks in SHL history, scoring 14 points (5 goals, 9 assists).  Powered by Koons and the rest of the potent top line, the Igloos went 3-1-1 on the week, allowing them to keep pace with Michigan in the ever-competitive Western race.  For the season, Koons has recorded 38 points, second in the league behind linemate Nicklas Ericsson; His 19 goals place him in the league’s top five.

Koons turned in his most impressive performance on Saturday, during a 10-2 demolition of Quebec.  The winger set a new league record for points scored in a game with 8 (3 goals, 5 assists).  In the same game, C Jake Frost became the first SHL player ever to score four goals in a game; Koons assisted on three of them.

“Jerry’s really starting to step into the spotlight,” said Anchorage coach Sam Castor.  “We’ve known all along what an incredible two-way player he is and how much he contributes to our success, but now the rest of the league is starting to figure it out as well.  That’s what makes us so dangerous; if teams key on Jake and try to shut him down, Jerry will make them pay.  We’ve got a lot of weapons.”

2017 SHL Week 5 Standings

East W L T Pts GF GA Home Away
Hershey Small Hershey Bliss 14 8 3 31 89 78 9-5-2 5-3-1
Washington Galaxy 14 11 0 28 73 66 6-5-0 8-6-0
Hamilton Pistols 13 11 1 27 77 69 7-5-0 6-6-1
Quebec Tigres 8 13 4 20 48 74 5-9-3 3-4-1
New York Night 9 15 1 19 72 93 4-7-0 5-8-1
West W L T Pts GF GA Home Away
Michigan Small Michigan Gray Wolves 16 6 3 35 77 39 7-3-2 9-3-1
Anchorage Small Anchorage Igloos 14 7 4 32 98 68 4-3-1 10-4-3
Dakota Jackalopes 12 13 0 24 104 94 5-9-0 7-4-0
Saskatchewan Shockers 10 14 1 21 79 88 4-9-1 6-5-0
Seattle Sailors 6 18 1 13 73 121 1-9-0 5-9-1

Interview of the Week: Patrick Banks

This week’s interview is with Washington Galaxy D Patrick Banks.

SHL Digest: Today we’re talking to one of this year’s big-name free agents, Patrick Banks.  Thanks for talking with us, Patrick.

Patrick Banks

Patrick Banks: No problem.  I don’t know about “big-name,” but thanks.

SHLD: Last year, you won the Vandy with Michigan.  This year, you signed with the team that you beat.  What went into that decision for you?

PB: Well, when we played in the Finals, I noticed that the Galaxy guys seemed to have fun and have chemistry with each other.  And when I came out here to visit as a free agent, they really made me feel welcome.  Guys like Thurm [Casey Thurman], Jeff [McNeely], and Lenny [Wright] treated me like a member of the family already.  It’s like when you visit a college campus and you can immediately see yourself going there.  That’s how it was for me here.

SHLD: And now that you’ve been here a while, do you still feel welcome?

PB: Oh yeah!  Coach [Rodney] Reagle is a loon.  He’s always cracking jokes, talking in funny voices, sneaking up behind guys in the locker room.  He keeps things light and loose, and the team follows that example.  We really are a family.  One big, crazy family.

SHLD: Michigan’s off to another great start, and Washington’s in the thick of a tough race in the East.  Any regrets about leaving a potential dynasty in the making?

PB: No, I don’t.  I had a great experience with the Wolves, and I’m happy I got my ring.  But Coach [Ron] Wright takes things very seriously.  You play for him, you’re going to work hard.  It was a great education, but I’m glad to have a chance to play and have fun at the same time.

SHLD: We understand that you’ve started a charitable foundation.  Can you tell us about that?

PB: It’s called the First Nations First Goal Foundation.  It’s dedicated to funding youth hockey in First Nations communities.

SHLD: That’s got to be a cause that’s close to your heart.  You’re one of the few players of Inuit descent in professional hockey.

PB: Yeah, I’m from Nunavut.  There’s been a handful of First Nations players, but I think there could be a lot more.  In communities like mine, young people need opportunities.  There’s a sense of hopelessness, a lot of guys who take to the bottle because they don’t see a better alternative.  Hockey can be a way out.

SHLD: Sounds like a worthy cause. How does your charity help with that?

PB: To start, we’re focused on providing proper equipment, skates and sticks and nets and pads.  But as we continue to raise money, I’d like to be able to start organizing leagues and camps, and pay for top-quality instructors to come and work with these kids.  I had the chance to go to a camp that was run by some ex-NHL coaches, and it really changed my life.

SHLD: Wow, that sounds great!  Well, good luck with your charity and with the rest of the season.

PB: I really appreciate it.

CHL Update: Virginia’s Rhinos Rolling

So far in the SHL’s minor league, the competitors have been pretty well matched.  Most of the teams are within a game or two of the .500 mark.  There are a couple of exceptions, however.  In particular, there’s one team that stands head and shoulders above the rest: the Virginia Rhinos.  The affiliate of the Saskatchewan Shockers is threatening to run away with the league.

The Rhinos’ record is an astounding 18-6-1.  They are 7 points ahead of the next-best team in the league; in the East, they’re 9 points up on the second-place Maine Moose.  “This must have been what it was like to race against Secretariat,” said Moose coach Barney Flintridge.  “Right now, all we can see are the taillights.”

Shawn Stickel

What’s been the secret to the Rhinos’ success?  It starts with a turnaround season in net.  Last year, Shawn Stickel was a newly-drafted goalie backing up Zeke Zagurski in Saskatchewan.  Stickel’s rookie season was a disaster, going 1-12-0 with a 5.29 GAA.  His most notable exploit was getting arrested after getting liquored up on a cross-country flight and joyriding a baggage cart.  “I was on my own for the first time,” Stickel admitted, “so I was acting young and dumb.”

At risk of throwing away his career, Stickel devoted the offseason to getting himself back on track.  He went to an alcohol treatment program and swore off drinking.  He also spent countless hours refining his craft, studying tape to identify the flaws in his game and working with coaches and ex-teammates to correct them.  The results have been evident: this season, Stickel has gone 14-4-1 with a 2.20 GAA and a .927 save percentage.

“Honestly, I’m glad I wound up in the minors,” said Stickel.  “When you’re a backup in the pros, especially as a young guy, it’s hard to stay sharp and improve.  And you wind up with a lot of time on your hands, which I filled with drinking and goofing around.  Here, knowing my team’s counting on me almost every day, it’s easy to keep that mental edge.  And it’s given me an opportunity to practice the things I worked on over the summer, and continue to get better.”

Stickel’s solid goaltending seals up the defensive end for the Rhinos.  On the offensive end, they benefit from a potent and varied offense.  Their top line features two of the CHL’s top scorers, LW Yuri Laronov (11 goals, 28 points) and RW Colton Jabril (12 goals, 29 points), flanking one of the best passers, C Tanner Brooks (24 assists).  Coach Jeffrey “Swampy” Marsh likes to activate his defensemen on the attack, and the results have been evident.  Blake Blacklett is the CHL’s premier offensive defenseman (12 goals, 26 points), and Virginia has a couple other strong two-way threats in Robby Rohrman (9 goals, 21 points) and Rennie Cox (8 goals, 19 points).

“I’m seeing a lot of guys here who are SHL-caliber already, to be honest,” said Marsh.  “I don’t know if there’s going to be room in Saskatchewan next year for all the guys who deserve to be there.”

To be sure, the season’s not yet at the halfway point, and the Rhinos could easily cool off between now and the end of the year.  But right now, it’s easy to look at the talent on the ice in Virginia every night and imagine them powering a future contender in Saskatchewan.  “All the guys we have are happy to be here,” said Marsh, “but I know none of them really wants to be here.  They want to be in the majors.  And it’s my job to help them get there.  I can’t wait to see how their careers unfold.”