Igloos Host Sled Dog Show

Anchorage IgloosThis week, the Anchorage Igloos hosted a special dog show at Arctic Circle Arena before their game against the Saskatchewan Shockers.  The show featured local sled dogs, including animals that have run in the Iditarod and other famous races.

The dogs were judged on the basis of appearance, temperament, and talent.  Three Igloos team members served as judges: C Jake Frost, G Ty Worthington, and coach Sam Castor.  The winning dog was Blitzer, an 8-year-old Alaskan Husky who has run in the Iditarod twice.


Frost said that he found the whole experience educational.  “I learned that sled dogs can run over 20 miles an hour,” Frost said.  “That’s almost as fast as I can skate!”

Worthington said he’d learned that dogs like reindeer meat.  “I’ve had venison before,” said the goalie, “so I get where they’re coming from.  It’s tasty stuff!”

After the judging, the fans who showed up had a chance to pet the dogs and get autographs from the players.  Castor admitted that the dogs appeared considerably more popular but added, “Once we’ve been here awhile, hopefully that will change.”