Interview of the Week: Ivan Trujwirnek

This week’s interview is with New York Night RW Ivan Trujwirnek.

SHL Digest: We’re here this week talking to Ivan Trujwirnek, hard-working winger for the New York Night. Ivan, thanks for speaking with us.

Ivan Trujwirnek

Ivan Trujwirnek: Yes, thank you very much.

SHLD: You’re not one of the league’s stars, but you’ve become a favorite of the New York fans.  What is it about you that they love?

IT: I think it is because I am more like a normal guy.  I am not tall and handsome, but I work very hard and I run into people a lot, so this makes people like me.

SHLD: And they do!  There’s a whole group of Night fans who call themselves the “Wrecking Crew,” who wear your jersey and cheer whenever you touch the puck or deliver a hard check.  You’re the only New York player with a personal fan club – not Brock Manning, not Rick Nelson, not Chase Winchester.  Does that surprise you?

IT: Yes, it is very much a surprise to me.  The first time when I get the puck and I hear people cheer in the upper deck, I was confused.  I thought maybe they were making fun of me.  But then I learn it is for real!

SHLD: Have you met any of them?

IT: Yes. They come down next to the glass during warmup.  I sign their jerseys and give them pucks.  They are very nice people.

SHLD: How did you get your nickname “Trainwreck”?

IT: The first time I play in America, my coach cannot say “Trujwirnek.”  I say it to him many times, but still he does not have it.  Finally he says, “Oh, I give up.  The hell with it.  From now, I call you Trainwreck.”  And soon my teammates also call me this.  So okay, I go along.

SHLD: Does the nickname bother you at all?

IT: No.  I think it is a good nickname, since I crash into other players a lot.  I am a trainwreck, it is true.

SHLD: A lot of the Night’s players are finesse types, who like to shoot and prefer offense to defense.  You, on the other hand, play a harder-hitting, old-fashioned game.  Do you find it hard to mesh your style with your teammates?

IT: No.  I think it is a good balance.  They like to skate fast and take shots, and I stay back and play hard along the walls and in the neutral zone.  We work together.

SHLD: Your team is struggling to stay in the playoff race.  What do you need to do to get up to the top?

IT: I will of course play hard.  I think maybe we need to not always be quite so fast, not to allow breakaways all the time.  If we can have the good luck also, that will be good.

SHLD: Sounds like a good combination!  Well, thank you for your time, Ivan, and good luck the rest of the season!

IT: Thank you.  Hello to the Wrecking Crew!

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