Interview of the Week: Eddie Costello

This week’s interview is with Portland Bluebacks C Eddie Costello.

SHLD Digest: We’re talking this week to one of the SHL’s top centers, Eddie Costello.  Eddie, thanks for speaking with us.

Eddie Costello

Eddie Costello: Long time no see!  I haven’t talked to you guys in a while.

SHLD: Yes, it’s been almost four years since the last time we interviewed you.

EC: Well, hey, glad to be back!

SHLD: The last time we talked, you were with Washington, and it looked like you might be there for your whole career.  But then last year, you were traded to Hamilton just in time to win the Vandy.

EC: Man, what a thrill!  We never quite got over that hump in DC, and it felt awesome to get to the mountaintop.

SHLD: Then, in the offseason, you left the Pistols and signed with Portland.  How did you choose to sign there?

EC: Well, it was clear that Hamilton didn’t have the cap room to keep me.  My agent explored the possibilities with them, but there just wasn’t a fit.  So I went to free agency, and Portland went after me very aggressively.  I really liked the construction of the roster, the organization as a whole, and I went for it.

SHLD: And now the Bluebacks have the league’s best record, just ahead of your former team.

EC: Yeah, wouldn’t that be wild?  Like being at a party with your new girlfriend and running into your ex.  Hopefully not as awkward.

SHLD: Any surprises with the Bluebacks so far?

EC: I’d say that the biggest surprise for me has to be Vince [Mango].  He has this reputation as a one-dimensional, selfish glory hog.  But he’s not like that at all.  He’s really sacrificing his chances to help the team succeed.  He doesn’t feel the need to be the focal point of the offense; he does whatever it takes to help us win.

SHLD: What do you think you need to do in the second half to stay on top?

EC: Just keep playing our game.  We know we’re in a tough division, so we can’t put it on cruise control.  We’ll keep the offense clicking, play smart in our own end, and keep the wins coming.

SHLD: Sounds pretty confident!

EC: Why not be confident?  I’ve got confidence in the guys in our locker room, the coaching staff, and everybody.

SHLD: We’ve heard reports of the sellout crowds there in Portland.  Do you find the crowds help you?

EC: Oh, no question about it.  We had some great crowds in DC, and in Hamilton too.  But the noise here is on another level.  It can be deafening.  And it gives you the boost, especially in the third period when your energy starts to sag.

SHLD: One final question, one we’ve wanted to ask for years: What’s with your hair?

EC: What, you don’t like the fork-in-an-electric-socket look?  I think it looks cool.  I kind of wish I’d come up in the era when hockey players didn’t wear helmets, because I hate the way it gets matted down when I play.

SHLD: Okay, fair enough!  Thanks for your time, and good luck the rest of the season!

EC: I’m gonna tell the guys you don’t like my hair.

SHLD: We never said that.

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