Interview of the Week: Casey Thurman

This week’s interview is with Washington Galaxy LW Casey Thurman.

SHL Digest: We’re here this week with one of the Washington Galaxy’s top stars, Casey Thurman.

Casey Thurman

Casey Thurman: Hello, world!

SHLD: Casey, you have a reputation for being a star player who’s a little… off-kilter.

CT: You mean I’m crazy?  That’s accurate.

SHLD: Longtime SHL fans will no doubt remember your starring role in the great singing cow controversy of 2015.

CT: Absolutely!  I’m very proud of that.

SHLD: So you stand by your quote at the time: “I think in my soul, there’s always been a singing cow waiting to get out.”

CT: No question about it!  When I put on a pink feather boa and sing at the top of my vocal range, I feel like I’m expressing my true essence.

SHLD: And the Galaxy went to the Finals that year, in spite of that incident.

CT: “In spite of?”  Try “because of.”  No matter what anyone says, the singing cows brought us together.  Or at least it united the rest of the team in wanting to kill us, but that’s still coming together!

SHLD: Did you ever hear anything from the fans about it?

CT: Sure.  Some fans in other cities tried to taunt us, but we didn’t care.  Our fans in DC loved it, though.  One fan even made custom jerseys for me, Bucky [Kevin Buchanan] and Gene [Kennedy] with the names of the cows on them.  I still have it.

SHLD: Wow, that’s pretty cool.

CT: To this day, I still run into people who sing the cow jingle to me.  I love it.

SHLD: Obviously, you believe in the importance of having fun during the season.

CT: Absolutely!  You have to have fun in this game or you’ll go crazy.  If you treat every game like it’s World War III, it’s a recipe for disaster.

SHLD: Some critics of your team say that you don’t take things seriously enough, and that’s why you’ve never won a championship.  What would you say to those people?

CT: I’d say, “You try going through six straight months, taking the kind of pounding we take, without trying to have fun.”  You can have a good time and still play hard when the whistle blows.

SHLD: You guys had a coaching change this season.  Your old coach, Rodney Reagle, was well-known for being pretty goofy himself.

CT: For sure.  He was crazier than the rest of us put together.

SHLD: Now your coach is Peter James, who has a much more serious-minded reputation.  Has he cut down on the fun in the clubhouse at all.

CT: I wouldn’t say that.  He doesn’t participate in the craziness like Coach Reagle did, but he’s not the Fun Police either.  Sometimes we’ll do something a little crazy, and he’ll kind of give us some side-eye or pinch his nose a little.  But he understands that we’re a fun bunch, and he doesn’t interfere.

SHLD: One last question. You guys play in the same city as the NHL’s Capitals, who won their first Stanley Cup last year.  Does that put any pressure on you to win a title of your own?

CT: Yes and no.  I mean, the city went Caps crazy last summer, obviously.  And you walk around town and see all those red #8 jerseys, and you want that kind of acclaim.  You want the city going crazy about you.  But to me, the lesson was that there are a lot of hockey fans in this city.  The Caps winning really activated that.  And if they love going to Caps games, they might love going to ours too.  I mean, our tickets are cheaper.

SHLD: All right.  Thanks for your time and one of the more entertaining interviews we’ve had.

CT: No, thank you, man.  I had a blast.  Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

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