Interview of the Week: Timothy Winston

This week’s interview is with Boston Badgers D Timothy “Cyclone” Winston.

SHL Digest: We’re here this week with one of the Boston Badgers’ top blueliners, Timothy “Cyclone” Winston.  Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Tim.

Timothy “Cyclone” Winston

Timothy Winston: Glad to do it.  When you’re on a last-place team, you don’t usually get a lot of interview requests.

SHLD: That’s the first question we wanted to ask.  You’ve had a strong season on the top pairing for Boston.  Obviously, one upside to playing for an expansion team is that you have the opportunity for a lot of ice time.  The downside, of course, is that you know you’re not going to be in contention.  How do you feel about that tradeoff?

TW: Well, I like to look on the bright side.  And I appreciate being able to skate on the top pairing; that’s a great opportunity.  Would I like to compete for a title?  Sure, but I’m still young and I’ve got plenty of seasons left.  There’s time.

SHLD: At the deadline, the Badgers traded a couple of your fellow defensemen, Shane Gladchuk and Scott Hexton.  Were you glad to be sticking around, or was there a part of you that would have liked to go with them?

TW: I knew I wasn’t going to go.  The week of the deadline, [GM] Jody [Melchiorre] called me into his office and told me they weren’t looking to move me.  He said that unless they got a deal that blew them away, they were looking to keep me and build around me.  I was really excited to hear that.

SHLD: Let’s hear about your nickname.  When did they start calling you “Cyclone”?

TW: When I was about 11 years old.  I had a big growth spurt that year, and I was still getting used to my body.  So a lot of times, I’d start moving up the ice or I’d be skating through behind the net and I’d just spin out of control.  Sometimes I’d take out one or two of my teammates with me.  So the coach started calling me “Cyclone Timmy,” because no one was safe when I was on the ice.

SHLD: Pretty funny!  Obviously, you managed to improve your self-control as you got older.

TW: For the most part, yeah.  Every once in a while, I’ll lose an edge and go down out there, and I’ll hear Coach Williams in my head saying, “Batten down the hatches, Cyclone Timmy’s on the loose again.”

SHLD: Obviously, there are a lot of young players on the Badgers.  Have you been trying to act as a teacher or mentor to them?

TW: Oh, absolutely.  Not so much with on-ice tips — we’ve got coaches for that — but more with handling the off-the-ice game.  How to pass the time on the road, how to spend your money wisely, places to go and places to avoid, stuff like that.  There’s a lot to learn when you’re a young guy on your own for the first time, and I want to help our guys avoid some of the traps that you fall into.

SHLD: Things like women, nightclubs, like that?

TW: Exactly.  Now, guys are going to go out, meet women, have a good time.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But there’s some places and some situations that you’re just better off steering clear of, you know?  And I want to help these young guys figure that out, rather than them learning the hard way.

SHLD: One more question. Was that escape room adventure last week as crazy as the stories made it sound?

TW: Oh, it was even crazier than it sounded.  Trust me.  I also maintain that my team would definitely have won, if we hadn’t had to keep Bruiser and Wamp from killing each other.

SHLD: Good to know!  Well, thanks for an interesting interview.  Good luck next season!

TW: Thanks!  I’m looking forward to it.

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