Interview of the Week: Napoleon Beasley

This week’s interview is with Saskatchewan Shockers C Napoleon Beasley.

SHL Digest: We’re here with a young star on a rising contender, Saskatchewan’s Napoleon Beasley.  Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Napoleon.

Napoleon Beasley

Napoleon Beasley: You bet!  Glad to do it.

SHLD: Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first.

NB: Sure!  Always good to get rid of those pesky elephants.

SHLD: Last month, the Shockers fired their coach, who also happened to be your dad.  Was that a tough time for you?

NB: It wasn’t too tough, but it was a little awkward.  My dad’s a professional, and he knows that getting fired comes with the territory.  But I was basically hiding from the press, because I didn’t want to answer questions like ‘Did your dad deserve to get fired?’ or ‘Is the team going to get rid of you now that your dad’s gone?’  As if I was only on the team because my dad was the coach.

SHLD: Obviously not the case.  With production like yours, you could play with any team.

NB: Thanks!  I didn’t have any special insight on the situation just because he’s my dad, so I just didn’t talk about it.

SHLD: How did you find out your dad was fired?

NB: From him, actually.  Right after he got done talking to [GM Cooper] Matthews, he called me and said, “Well, your old dad got the ax.  See you at Easter!”  He took it pretty well, it seemed like.  I think he knew it might be coming.

SHLD: Obviously, one of the reasons your dad was let go was that the Shockers front office expects to contend for the playoffs.  Do you think you’re there yet, as a team?

NB: Obviously we’re not yet, based on the standings.  But I think it’s fair to have those expectations.  When we started out, we were the joke of the league, but we’ve grown and gotten better since that.  I think we should be striving for that next step of becoming contenders.

SHLD: You mention that “we” should be striving to contend.  Your contract is up at the end of the season.  Are you looking to re-sign with the Shockers, or will you plan to test free agency?

NB: Gosh, I don’t know yet.  We haven’t talked with the team about an extension yet, and I don’t even know if they’re interested.  But if they’re interested, I’d definitely want to have that conversation.  We’ve got a good group of young players and I think we’ve got a bright future.

SHLD: One more question: yet another Shockers promotional event went awry last week, with the blimp incident.  Do you think the Shockers will ever be able to have a promotion that doesn’t end in disaster?

NB: (laughs) Well, our promotions are always colorful, I’ll say that.  Doof [Heinz Doofenshmirtz] is a real hands-on owner, and he has a lot of creative ideas.  Some of those ideas might be a little better than others.  But there’s never a dull moment.

SHLD: Well, thanks for another fascinating interview.  Good luck with your next contract!

NB: Thanks!  I hope it’s a good one.

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