Interview of the Week: Cam Prince

This week’s interview is with newly-named Boston Badgers coach Cam Prince.

SHL Digest: This week, the Boston Badgers named their first-ever coach, Cam Prince.  And we have the honor of being the first to interview him.  Cam, thanks for speaking with us.

Cam Prince

Cam Prince: I’m glad to be here!  This is an exciting day for me.

SHLD: This is your first head coaching job.  How does it feel to be getting your first shot with a brand-new team?

CP: It’s a very cool opportunity, to tell you the truth.  It’s a total blank canvas here.  I’m so excited to be working with [GM] Jody Melchiorre to build this team from the ground up.

SHLD: What convinced you to take this job?

CP: A number of things.  I really like the opportunity to grow together with the team.  And I think Boston is just a tremendous hockey team.  So many diehard fans here.  Finding a way to win them over to the Badgers is going to be a lot of fun.

SHLD: Jody has said that he wants to build a scrappy, hard-working, defense-first team.  Meanwhile, you were an assistant coach for New York, which is a very offense-oriented team.  Are you prepared to coach a team full of grinders?

CP: Oh, absolutely.  My time with the Night definitely showed the limitations of an offense-only approach.  And as an expansion team, it’s generally easier to put together a scrappy team rather than a squad of elite scorers.

SHLD: Speaking of your time with New York: Do you think that was a factor in your being selected as coach?  Kind of trying to get started on the Boston-New York rivalry?

CP: I don’t think so.  I mean, that might have been one reason they interviewed me.  But it’s not like the Night fans have a lot of memories of me, or are going to have a grudge against me.  I mean, Preston Rivers, sure.  But I wasn’t as memorable as him.

SHLD: What about on your end?  Do you have a personal rivalry with the Night?

CP: There’s no love lost there, I can promise that.  I’ll definitely be fired up to coach against them.  And if we can finish ahead of them in the standings, that will be a successful season in my book.

SHLD: So far, you have a grand total of one player: Cary Estabrook.  Have you met him yet?

CP: (laughs) Not yet.  I talked to him on the phone this morning.  I told him I was looking forward to meeting the team.  He said, “Well, you just did.”

SHLD: Care to make any predictions about how your first season will go?

CP: Before I even have players?  Sure, we’re going to win the Vandy! (laughs)  Seriously, with the [expansion draft] protection rules, I think we’ll have a chance to put together a solid team.  Are we going to make the playoff right out of the box?  I wouldn’t think so.  But we should be able to re respectable, at least.  And like I said, if we can beat New York, that will be a win for me.

SHLD: Well, we should let you get back to building your team.  Congratulations, and good luck next season!

CP: Thanks!  I can’t wait to get started.

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