In the Stands: A Fan’s View

In lieu of our usual interview segment, this week we’re running a very special feature.  We’ve invited one of the SHL’s biggest fans to tell her story!  Amber Bonner is a partial season-ticket holder for the Washington Galaxy.  We invited Amber to tell us about why she loves the Galaxy and the SHL.  Her story is below.

– – – – –

As a fan, I get to enjoy sitting and watching the game. To a real fan it is a much more immersive experience. While I won’t say that it is like I am playing in the game, it does feel like I am a part of it.

My tickets are right in the first row. Being able to sit right in front of the glass has the action literally right in front of your face. Once you get over the feeling like they are going to ram into to you whenever a player skates near your seat, it becomes a much more enjoyable experience… where the adrenaline rush is transferred from the players to the fans.

It isn’t required to sit right in front to get a rush; just being in the stadium gets me hyped! I love how you are able to feed off of the energy of the players, staff, and of course the other fans. It is a truly amazing feeling to know you are a part of a large group of people who all share the same goal as you: to win the game. It is also really cool to be in the same building as all of your favorite players acting like they are celebrities. You get to see them doing what they love, what they have a passion for: playing hockey.

If you are able to sit up close, you get to see the true precision and accuracy the players use just to skate on the ice, let alone take shots and make passes. You get to see how it’s like a well-oiled machine, where all of the players of your team are working together to make it function. It is quite beautiful to watch as the skates glide along the ice and turn in a fraction of a second.

I also love how hockey is a constant action sport (except for intermission of course),  meaning there is something to watch at all times. As a person with a limited amount of money, it is great to be able to really get the bang for your buck in terms of entertainment. Even if you aren’t super interested in the game, you can just watch all of the fans cheering, holding up posters, and having a good time watching the game. I recently went to a game which ended up tied at the end of regular time and had to go into OT. It was truly fascinating to see that something as simple as the end of a sports game can bring such strong feelings to so many people who aren’t really affected by the outcome. As a fan, you become a part of the team; that’s an experience I would never trade for anything else.


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