SHL to Hold First All-Star Game

The SHL continues to grow and mature.  This season, the league is taking another step forward by holding an All-Star Game.

“We’ve been wanting to do this for some time now,” said SHL Commissioner Perry Mitchell.  “We’ve wanted to have a showcase to highlight our best players, and to give our fans a chance to cast their vote on who our best players are.”

The All-Star format pits the Eastern Division against the Western Division.  Over the last several weeks, SHL fans have had a chance to vote for their choices for the top line positions and starting goaltender for each division.  The remaining lines and the backup netminder were selected by the coaches for each team, Michigan’s Ron Wright for the West and Washington’s Rodney Reagle for the East.

The game will take place on Friday at Washington’s Constellation Center.  The rosters will be announced shortly.

At Reagle’s urging, the coaches have made a side bet on the outcome of the contest.  If the East prevails, Wright will send Reagle a case of Vernor’s ginger ale, a noted product of Michigan.  If the West wins, Reagle will send Wright six cans of Senate bean soup.  “I wanted to send him some Ben’s half smokes,” said Reagle, “but it turns out they don’t ship well.”


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