2016 SHL Finals – Game 5


The Washington Galaxy aren’t going quietly.  Facing elimination in the SHL Finals, the Galaxy withstood an onslaught of shots from the Michigan Gray Wolves and struck in the final minute to steal a 3-2 win, living to fight another game.

“Not dead yet, boys!” crowed Washington coach Rodney Reagle after the game.  “Just like the Bee Gees, we’re stayin’ alive!”  The coach then proceeded to demonstrate his best disco moves.

The Wolves did their best to send the Galaxy packing.  They came out firing from the start of the game, and wound up outshooting Washington 33-22.  But Galaxy netminder Roger Orion stood tall amid the barrage, turning aside 31 shots and outdueling Michigan’s Dirk Lundquist.

“All series, we’ve been hearing about how, oh,Lundquist is so great, Lundquist is God,” said Washington RW Jefferson McNeely.  “But you know what?  Roger’s a damn good goalie too.  He doesn’t get the headlines Lundquist does, but he can be just as clutch.”

Michigan actually drew first blood in this game, with RW Oskar Denison drilling one home just inside the left pipe late in the first period.  “I was not expecting it to go in,” admitted Denison.  “I was hoping to have a big rebound that someone could put in.  I got lucky.”

Washington was able to get even early in the second.  After Wolves D Bjorn Tollefson was penalized for high-sticking, Galaxy RW Sindri Pentti cashed in on the power play, going five-hole on Lundquist.  Washington went into the locker room after two periods tied at 1, despite getting outshot 23-14.  “We were pretty anxious between periods there,” said McNeely.  “Yeah, it was tied, but [the Wolves] were really in the driver’s seat as far as puck control and zone time.  We knew we needed to slow them down and break their rhythm.”

The Galaxy succeeded in disrupting Michigan’s offensive flow, narrowing the shot gap to 10-8 in the third period.  A little more than five minutes into the third, Washington C Eddie Costello and LW Casey Thurman broke away on a two-on-one, with Thurman going top shelf to give the Galaxy their first lead of the game.  The lead was fairly short-lived, as Wolves C Hunter Bailes deflected a shot past Orion a little more than four minutes later.

The latter half of the third period was frustrating for both teams, as neither side was able to generate much offensive action.  “It kind of felt like we were both playing not to lose,” admitted Tollefson.

But with less than a minute left in the game, Thurman shoveled a sharp-angle shot past Lundquist, and the sellout crowd at Constellation Center exploded as Thurman did a celebratory belly-flop on the ice and his teammates banged their sticks against the boards.

“It was a tight game, and you knew the game-winner wouldn’t come easy,” said Thurman.  “But I think the fact that it was do-or-die, that gave us that little extra edge we needed to get over the top.”

The good news for the Wolves is that they still have a 3-2 series lead, and the action shifts back to Cadillac Place, where they drubbed Washington twice by a combined 6-0 margin.  But there’s also cause for Michigan to be anxious, as they’re missing a pair of key forwards, Vladimir Beruscko and Warren Marlow.  In this game, the Wolves were forced to give ice time to Kimmo Eliasson, a street free agent who signed an emergency contract with the team at the start of the Finals.

Wolves coach Ron Wright said it’s no time to panic.  “We’ve got to remember what got us here,” Wright told reporters.  “We’re not a team that relies on any one star to succeed.  We rise and fall as a team, and that’s how we’re going to win this.”


12/09/2016, SHL Finals Game 5
MIC vs. WSH, Constellation Center

                  1   2   3   OT   F
Michigan          1   0   1        2
Washington        0   1   2        3

Michigan              G   A PTS PIM   Washington            G   A PTS PIM

Kronstein      D      0   1   1   0   Thurman        LW     2   0   2   0
Bailes         C      1   0   1   0   Costello       C      0   2   2   0
Madison        D      0   0   0   0   Buchanan       D      0   1   1   0
Lunsford       RW     0   1   1   0   McNeely        RW     0   0   0   0
Seppa          LW     0   0   0   0   Camernitz      LW     0   0   0   0
Mudrick        D      0   1   1   0   Warriner       D      0   0   0   0
Tollefson      D      0   0   0   4   Marais         C      0   0   0   0
Denison        RW     1   0   1   0   Anderson       D      0   0   0   0
Gauss          LW     0   0   0   0   Takoyaki       RW     0   0   0   0
Labrakov       D      0   0   0   2   Van Alpin      LW     0   1   1   0
Knight         C      0   1   1   0   Corbett        D      0   0   0   0
Banks          D      0   0   0   0   Sullivan       C      0   1   1   0
Poulin         RW     0   0   0   0   Hogaboom       D      0   0   0   0
Preston        F      0   0   0   0   Pentti         RW     1   0   1   0
Eliasson       F      0   0   0   0   Francis        D      0   0   0   0
-----------------------------------   -----------------------------------
TOTALS                2   4   6   6   TOTALS                3   5   8   0

MIC: Beruschko, Marlow, Berlinger, Mratic
WSH: Wright, Braun, Wallington

Michigan           SH    SV    G    Sv%
Lundquist          22    19    3  0.864

Washington         SH    SV    G    Sv%
Orion              33    31    2  0.939


First Period

16:01  MIC  Denison (Mudrick, Knight)


Second Period

03:47  WSH  Pentti PP (Sullivan, Van Alpin)

02:01  MIC  Tollefson 2:00 (High-sticking)
07:52  MIC  Tollefson 2:00 (Slashing)
12:40  MIC  Labrakov 2:00 (Tripping)

Third Period

05:16  WSH  Thurman (Costello)
09:31  MIC  Bailes (Kronstein, Lunsford)
19:10  WSH  Thurman (Costello, Buchanan)


                  1   2   3   OT   F
Michigan         13  10  10       33
Washington        7   7   8       22


Michigan     0 for 0
Washington   1 for 3



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