SHL Player of the Week – Week 9

Jerry Koons

Anchorage SmallThe SHL selected Anchorage Igloos LW Jerry Koons as its Player of the Week.  For the week, Koons scored 4 goals and recorded 11 points.  Koons was the primary creator on the Igloos’ first line, which scored 14 of the team’s 20 goals this week.  Thanks to the fine work by Koons and the top line, Anchorage went 4-0-1 on the week, closing the gap on first-place Michigan to just four points.

“We’ve got an amazing mix of skills on the first line,” said Igloos C Jake Frost.  “I’m the big scorer, of course, and Nicky [Ericsson] threads perfect passes.  But Jerry is just all-around brilliant.  He’s got a good heavy shot, and he can make beautiful passes, and he can get greasy goals in front of the net.  I know he doesn’t get noticed like I do, but he’s just as good.”

Added coach Sam Castor, “If we’re going to make it back to the Finals, it’s going to be because Jerry’s stepped his game up to another level when we need it.”


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