New York’s New Merch Includes Big Goof

New York smallThe New York Night tried to roll out some new merchandise for their fans to buy this holiday season.  Instead, they wound up producing an embarrassing gaffe.

Early in the season, the Night’s marketing department got the idea to debut a new slogan in midseason, just in time for holiday shopping.  The team held a press conference on Monday at which they unveiled the slogan: “Big-time hockey.  Big-time city.”  As New York GM Royce McCormick explained, “Everyone knows that New York is the greatest city in the world.  The lights are brighter here, the stage is bigger.  This is where the heroes shine brightest.  Our slogan reflects that.  This is the place where the action is.”

At the next home game following the press conference, the team stores were filled with T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, and winter hats, all emblazoned with the new slogan.  The merchandise proved to be a hit at first, as fans snapped up the new merch.

Within a day or so, however, reports began trickling in that there was a problem.  Specifically, the slogan.  Fans took a closer look at their new duds and discovered that the word “hockey” was misspelled (it was rendered as “hocky”).

The mistaken logo.

Fans began taking pictures of the mistaken merch and posting messages on Twitter and Instagram.  “Big-time hocky.  Small-time spell check” read one.  Another said “Hey @NYNight: can’t you even spell the sport you play???”  Another disgusted fan tweeted, “typical – same team that thought Remington would win the division for them can’t get their holiday merch right.  way to go!”

The Night hastily pulled the new merchandise from the shelves, and the team issued a statement saying that any fans who brought back the items would receive a full refund and a 10% discount on any other merchandise.

“There’s no other way to say it: We screwed up,” admitted McCormick.  “We apologize to any of our fans who are inconvenienced by it.”

McCormick said that the Night were working with the supplier to get corrected merch on the shelves by Thanksgiving, but that the supplier hadn’t committed to a timetable yet.

During the Night’s home game on Friday against Washington, fans launched several sarcastic chants of “Big-Time Hockey.”  After New York lost 5-2, several fans tossed their misspelled merchandise on the ice.

Asked about the fiasco, Night coach Preston Rivers snapped, “That’s not my department.  I’m not responsible for the marketing operation here, and I’m sure some intern already got fired over this.  Game questions only.”

RW Rick “The Stick” Nelson, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate to weigh in.  “That’s so typical of this franchise,” Nelson said.  “Grand plans, crappy execution.”

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