Interview of the Week: Drustan Zarkovich

Quebec SmallThis week’s interview is with Quebec Tigres C Drustan Zarkovich.

SHL Digest: We’re here today with Drustan Zarkovich of the Quebec Tigres.  Drustan, thank you for speaking with us.

Drustan Zarkovich: Most happy to be speaking with you.

Drustan Zarkovich

SHLD: Last year, you were with Washington and made it to the SHL Finals.  This year, you’re playing with an expansion team and you’re in last place.  Is that a hard change for you?

DZ: Not too hard.  Any time I can play hockey and meet pretty women, it is good.  First place, last place, it is the same.  And Quebec is a cool little city, more fun than DC.

SHLD:  So we’ve heard from your teammates that you have a unique relaxation ritual. Can you tell us about it?

DZ: Yes. When I play hockey, afterward I am very charged up.  I do not want to sleep, even though it is late and my body is very tired.  So I need to do something to make myself sleep.  That is when I turn on the Bob Ross.

SHLD: Bob Ross? You mean the painter from the old PBS shows?

DZ:  Yes, that is him.  I love the Bob Ross.  The Bob Ross is very good for making my mind quiet.  He talks very soft and paints the happy little trees, and pretty soon, I am sleeping.  Perhaps someday I will meet him and thank him.

SHLD: Unfortunately, he passed away 20 years ago.

DZ: He did?  This is very sad.

SHLD: Sorry to be the one to break it to you.  Anyway, we hear that you’re planning to try a new business venture this offseason.

DZ: Yes.  Everyone knows how much I love beef jerky.  Well, soon I am to start selling my own beef jerky.  It is called Zarko’s Crazy Jerky.

SHLD: Oh really?

DZ: Yes.  It will come in many flavors: teriyaki, pepper, garlic, and borscht.

SHLD: Wait, borscht?  That’s a surprising choice.

DZ: I think it will be flavor sensation.  In this country, they eat ketchup potato chips and crackers that taste of chicken.  I think borscht beef jerky will be popular.

SHLD: We’ve never tried borscht.

DZ: You should. It is delicious.

SHLD: Well, that is all very interesting.  Good luck, and enjoy the rest of the season.

DZ: Thank you.  I will enjoy it very much.  Try my beef jerky!


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