SHL Player of the Week – Week 6

Jake Frost
Jake Frost

Anchorage SmallThe SHL selected Anchorage Igloos C Jake Frost as its Player of the Week.  The Igloos sniper had his best week of the season so far, notching 7 goals and 3 assists.  Unsurprisingly, behind Frost’s offensive outburst Anchorage posted a 5-0-0 record for the week, allowing them to stay on Michigan’s heels in the West.

Historically, the Igloos have risen and fallen with their top scorer.  Frost got off to a slow start this year, scoring only seven goals over the first three weeks, including a slump when he went goalless in 9 of 10 games.  When Frost drooped, so did Anchorage, putting up a lackluster 8-6-1 record over that time.  Since then, though, Frost has resumed the goal-a-game pace he maintained last season and the Igloos have gone 11-2-2.

“I’m really glad I’m getting on track at last,” said Frost.  “In the early weeks, when Nile [Bernard] was out and I was struggling, I felt the weight of the world on my back.  I wasn’t sleeping, and I was pressing so hard that I practically ground my stick into dust.  Now Nile’s back, I’m scoring, and everything is copacetic.”


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