Quebec Player Looks for Luck

Quebec SmallThe Quebec Tigres were one of the SHL’s surprise success stories in the first week, tied for the lead in the East.  Since then, though, it’s been a downhill slide.  The Tigres have lost 12 of 16 games since a 3-0-1 start, including the last nine in a row.  They’ve now caught their expansion brethren in Seattle for the league’s worst record.

Unsurprisingly, the Tigres are eager to find a way to snap their losing skid.  Third-line C Florian Theroux has come up with an unorthodox approach, which he revealed after Quebec’s loss to Washington on Friday.

Florian Theroux

During a postgame interview, Theroux told reporters, “Soon our losing will be over.  I will show you why.”  He then reached underneath his jersey and pulled out a necklace on which he had hung a number of lucky charms, including a rabbit’s foot, a laminated four-leaf clover, a miniature horseshoe, a golden ladybug, a penny, and a silver number 7.

“With all this luck, how can we not win?” Theroux said with a smile.

The center revealed that he has been superstitious for his entire life, a trait he inherited from his mother.  “When I was a child, I remember my mother always looking for lucky pennies on the street,” Theroux said.  “If we were walking along and we saw a black cat, she would turn us around and walk the other way.  And if my brothers or I had ever broken a mirror, it would have been the end of us.

“When I was older, I asked, ‘Maman, do these things really bring good luck?’  She looked at me and said, ‘I have raised you five boys and I did not kill any of you, so yes, it must be lucky.’  So I have always believed.”

Informed of Theroux’s necklace, Quebec coach Martin Delorme snickered.  “I am not sure that a necklace is going to bring us more goals,” said Delorme.  “But Florian has played well, and if he thinks this is going to help, why not?  It certainly cannot harm us.”

Not all of Theroux’s teammates were as diplomatic as their coach.  “Theroux is a coo-coo bird,” said D Andy Ruger when told about the necklace.  “It’s one goofy thing after another with that guy.  Someday they’re going to have to beam him back to his home planet.”

Theroux brushed off Ruger’s criticism.  “I know that not everyone believes,” said Theroux.  “But I have been lucky all my life, and I know it works for me.”

Theroux’s charms weren’t enough to help the Tigres on Friday, though, as Washington scored a couple late goals to secure a 4-2 win.

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