SHL Player of the Week – Week 3

brock manning
Brock Manning

New York smallThe SHL selected New York Night C Brock Manning as its Player of the Week.  Manning’s stick was on fire this week, as he put up 10 goals and 2 assists.  On Wednesday, Manning became the first player in league history to score 4 goals in a game, as the Night tied Hamilton 6-6 in a high-flying offensive game.  On Friday, he put up a conventional hat trick, powering New York’s 5-2 thumping of Quebec.

With his 12-point showing this week, Manning moved into a commanding league lead in both points (34) and goals (18).  His 16 assists are tied for second in the league.  Manning anchors the Night’s incredibly powerful first line, which is by far the best offensive unit in the league.  All five members of the line (Manning, LW Chase Winchester, RW Rick “The Stick” Nelson, and Ds Dominic Sanchez and Tuomas Nurmi) are among the league’s top 10 in goals, assists, or both.

“We’ve got a goal-scoring machine over here,” said New York coach Preston Rivers.  “It’s a real thing of beauty.  In New York we like to win, but we especially like to do it with style and flash.  That’s what these guys have got.  Brock’s got the total package, and the fans love it.”

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