Interview of the Week: George Lane

“King George” Lane

Seattle SmallThis week’s interview is with Seattle Sailors RW “King George” Lane.

SHL Digest: Hello!  We are here with Seattle’s “King George” Lane.

George Lane: It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

SHLD: How do you feel your team’s doing so far this season?

GL: Not as good as we’d like, of course.  When you’re an expansion team, you’ve got to expect to take some lumps.  We’re still feeling each other out as teammates.  It’s like we’re still on the first date.  Also, we’ve had a lot of injuries this year already.

SHLD: It’s still early, but how do you feel like you and your teammates are getting along?

GL: Well, like I said, it’s still like a first date.  We’re getting to know each other.  But we’re getting along well; we’ve got some professional guys with good senses of humor.  And Seattle’s a great city.  If you’re going to struggle, I’d rather do it here that in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

SHLD: Let’s talk about what everyone wants to know: What’s the origin of your nickname?

GL: Well, I first got the nickname in juniors, the year I won the scoring title.  They called me “King George” because I was the top scorer in the league.  But I stopped using that after juniors.

SHLD: Why did you start again?

GL: Because I was playing on Hamilton, and after Hamilton the musical blew up, everyone started calling me that.  The guys in the locker room would sing King George’s songs when I came out of the shower.  It was pretty hilarious.

SHLD: Switching topics a bit, how do you feel being part of one of the league’s new teams?

GL: I sort of have two minds about it.  I miss my friends in Hamilton, and I’m sorry I’m not there now that they’re winning.  But it’s fun here!  We’ve got some great young talents, like Vince Mango, and we’ve got a sort of loose vibe.

SHLD: How do you see your role on the team?

GL: I see myself as sort of a mentor.  I’m a little older, and we’ve got a lot of young guys on the team.  I’m sort of like their older brother or their uncle: helping them adjust to the pros, teaching them how a big-leaguer acts, that sort of thing.

SHLD: What do you think of the other expansion team, the Quebec Tigres?

GL: I’m impressed!  They’ve been really competitive so far.  They’ve got a great coach in Martin Delorme, and they’ve got a strong defense already. They play hard, they don’t let themselves get pushed around, and they’ve been winning a few.  I think we can look at them as a good example.

SHLD: What’s your main goal for the rest of this season?

GL: To help us come together as a team, to help the young guys grow, and to build the foundation for being a contender down the road.  And to get 30 assists.

SHLD: Thanks for your time, George.  Good luck!

GL: I enjoyed talking to you!

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