2015 SHL Finals – Game 3

Anchorage SmallWashington SmallANCHORAGE IGLOOS 4, WASHINGTON GALAXY 3

As the SHL Finals shifted to DC knotted at a game apiece, the Anchorage Igloos were looking to make a statement quickly, and they did it.  But the Washington Galaxy staged a stirring rally late, and despite coming up on the short end of a 4-3 score that put the Igloos up 2-1 in the series, the Galaxy came out feeling optimistic about their chances in the rest of the series.

The Igloos did their best to bury the Galaxy beneath an avalanche of rushes and goals early, and they very nearly did so. Within a span of 5 minutes in the first period, Anchorage claimed a 3-0 lead and stunned the sellout crowd at Constellation Center.  “It was kind of like we sucked all the air out of the place,” said Igloos C Jake Frost, who contributed a goal and an assist to the Igloos’ early flurry.  “You could hear the guys on Washington’s bench cursing.”

The Igloos’ blitz was aided and abetted by a pair of ill-advised Galaxy penalties.  C J.C. Marais was whistled for tripping on a botched attempt to break up an odd-man rush.  Two minutes later, D Bruce “Boom Boom” Hogaboom took extreme exception to a hard check by Igloos LW Jerry Koons and was called for slashing when he retaliated.

“We’ve got to cut back on the knucklehead stuff,” said Washington coach Rodney Reagle.  “When you’re playing a team as good as Anchorage, the last thing you want to do is hand them advantages.”

The Igloos maintained their imposing lead through most of the second period, but Washington refused to yield.  With a minute and a half left in the period, Galaxy LW Casey Thurman deflected a puck past Anchorage goalie Ty Worthington and broke the shutout.

Shortly after the ensuing faceoff, Igloos D Dave Frederick hauled down Marais and was sent off for tripping.  Less than 20 seconds into the power play that followed, Galaxy C Drustan Zarkovich banged one home from the point, and suddenly Washington’s deficit closed to 3-2, bringing the crowd to life.

“That was key for us,” said Reagle.  “All the way through the game, the crowd was dead, we were dead, and we were in a hurry to get the game over.  Even after Casey got one in, we still felt like we were out of it.  But then the power play, and another goal – suddenly we’re alive and the crowd’s going nuts.  It’s a game again!”

Washington kept the momentum going their way in the third period, skating and checking and shooting with new energy, with the vigorous support of the revived crowd.  7:41 into the period, Galaxy RW Jefferson McNeely ripped home the tying goal from the faceoff circle, sending the arena into euphoria. “Here were these guys who were supposed to be unbeatable, and they’d put us down by three and really put us behind the eight-ball,” said McNeely.  “But we didn’t let it shake us.  The fact that we came back and tied it up… just incredible.”

Even though Anchorage C Nile Bernard potted the winning goal six minutes later, the Galaxy emerged from the game feeling buoyant.

“Can you believe that comeback?” said Thurman.  “[The Igloos] thought they’d buried us and left us for dead, but we pulled ourselves up and roared all the way back.  I don’t think they’re feeling as confident as they did before the series.  This thing is tilting our way.”


05/20/2016, SHL Finals Game 3
ANC vs. WSH, Constellation Center

                      1   2   3     T
Anchorage Igloos      3   0   1  -  4
Washington Galaxy     0   2   1  -  3



12:09  ANC   Koons (Frost)
13:16  ANC   Keefe PP (Danielsen, Bernard)
16:46  ANC   Frost PP (Mortensen)

5:19   ANC   Zhlotkin, 2:00 (Roughing)
10:35  WSH   Marais, 2:00 (Tripping)
12:41  WSH   Hogaboom, 2:00 (Slashing)


18:34  WSH   Thurman (McNeely, Costello)
19:29  WSH   Zarkovich PP (Douglas, Corbett)

1:26   ANC   Frederick, 2:00 (Interference)
6:03   ANC   Martinsson, 2:00 (Cross-Checking)
11:13  WSH   Wright, 2:00 (High-Sticking)
19:13  ANC   Frederick, 2:00 (Tripping)


7:41   WSH   McNeely (Thurman)
13:46  ANC   Bernard (Petronov)

3:07   ANC   Koons, 2:00 (Tripping)
9:43   ANC   Martinsson, 2:00 (Interference)
15:30  WSH   Costello, 2:00 (Roughing)


Anchorage          SH    SV    G    Sv%    TOI
Worthington (W)    40    37    3   .925  60:00

Washington         SH    SV    G    Sv%    TOI
Orion (L)          39    35    4   .897  57:44


              1   2   3     T
Anchorage    19  13   7  - 39
Washington    7  16  17  - 40


Anchorage  - 2 for 4
Washington - 1 for 6

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