Interview of the Week: Hylton Windham

Hamilton PistolsOur interview of the week is with Hamilton Pistols D Hylton Windham.

SHL Digest: This week, we’re interviewing Hylton Windham of the Hamilton Pistols.  Hylton, it’s a pleasure to talk with you.

Hylton Windham: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Hylton Windham
Hylton Windham

SHLD: You’re the first professional hockey player to come from the Bahamas.  How does it feel to be a pioneer?

HW: Honestly, I don’t really think of myself that way.  I think of myself as just a player.  I am proud of my background, but I don’t feel that I am truly a pioneer.  I am just a bit unique.

SHLD: How did you become interested in hockey?

HW: The first time I saw a game, I was 8 years old.  My family was on holiday in Toronto, and we watched a game on TV in our hotel room.  I was enchanted; the ice looked magical to me.

SHLD: I don’t imagine it was easy to find an ice rink to practice on, though.

HW: Absolutely!  The only ice we had at home was in our drinks.  But I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Canada, and my parents sent me to live with them during vacations so I could try it.  Then it turned out I was pretty good, so at age 10 I went to live with them full-time.

SHLD: When did you start thinking you might be able to play professionally?

HW: I found about about a player named Graeme Townshend, who was born in Jamaica and made it to the NHL.  When I saw that a guy like me was in the NHL, I thought, “Hey, maybe I could do that too.”  And now I have!

SHLD: You’re a reserve on a team that has been struggling.  Has that been frustrating for you?

HW: Well, of course we’d all rather be winning.  But honestly, I am just happy to play.  And I am very grateful to play for a great coach like Mr. [Ron] Wright.  He knows so many things about the game, and he is a wonderful teacher.

SHLD: What are your goals for your career?

HW: Of course, I hope to become a starter and to win a championship someday.  But most of all, I hope some young children in the Caribbean will see me play and want to become hockey players as well.

SHLD: Do you think you might be able to make the Bahamas into a hockey country?

HW: I hope so.  Again, I look to Graeme Townshend.  He is trying to get a Jamaican hockey team to the Olympics.  Perhaps someday I will coach the first Bahamian Olympic hockey team.

SHLD: Sounds like a wonderful thing to strive for!  Best wishes with that.  And good luck with the rest of the season.

HW: Thank you!  I am very excited for this season and those to come.

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