Rapids, Pistols Trade Third-Liners

Dakota RapidsHamilton PistolsThe SHL trading deadline this week passed fairly quietly, with no blockbusters.  There were only two deadline deals this time around.

The first deal, struck approximately two hours before the deadline, involved the Dakota Rapids and the Hamilton Pistols.  The Rapids shipped C Jens Bunyakin and F Diego Garcia to the Pistols in exchange for C Florian Theroux, F Jacques Bacon, and a 3rd-round pick.

Jens Bunyakin
Jens Bunyakin
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia

For the Pistols, seeking a little offensive pop on their lower lines, Bunyakin (10 goals, 23 points) was just what the doctor ordered.

“We’ve been interested in Jens ever since the beginning,” said Hamilton GM Marcel LaClaire.  “I feel like he was born to play for us.  He’s a strong two-way player, and he can create his own shot or make a great pass to set up an opportunity.”

Florian Theroux
Florian Theroux
Jacques Bacon
Jacques Bacon

Meanwhile, the Rapids had depth at the center position (also featuring Harvey Bellmore and Lars Karlsson), and pounced on the opportunity to collect an extra pick.  “We know that it’s a pretty long shot for us to make the playoffs, so we were looking for a chance to stockpile some assets,” said Dakota GM Paul Mindegaard.  “We feel good about how this deal sets us up for the future.”

In Theroux (3 goals, 18 points), the Rapids acquired a player with a reputation for passing and speed.  Dakota also took the opportunity to offload Garcia, who lost his starting spot to Vonnie McLearen early in the season and had been disgruntled ever since.  He appeared in only 7 games for Dakota, collecting only an assist in that time.  Bacon (6 games, no points) played a similarly bit part for Hamilton.

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