Interview of the Week: Jake Frost

Anchorage IgloosOur interview of the week is with Anchorage Igloos C Jake Frost.

SHL Digest: Today we’re talking to Jake Frost, star of the Anchorage Igloos.

Jake Frost: Hi, how you  doin’?

Jake Frost
Jake Frost

SHLD: So, how do you think your team has been doing as of yet?

JF: Awesome.  We’ve got the best record in the league, so that’s good.  Early in the year, we were struggling to convert our shots.  But we’ve been focused on getting our best looks, and since then, we’ve really taken off.  I think we’re going to be tough to beat.

SHLD: You do have a tough competitor in Michigan.  Do you think you’ll be able to hold them off to the end of the season?

JF: Michigan’s a tough team.  They have the best defense in the league, and they make it tough every time you play them.  I think we’re a better team overall and we have a leg up, but it’ll be a dogfight to the end.  But we’ve got to win this one for Petey.

SHLD: I heard about Petey.  It’s a very sad thing that happened, with only a fine [for Beruschko].  I’m sure that was very sad for your team.  So what are your plans for revenge?

JF: I can’t disclose the exact nature of our revenge just yet.  But Petey is one of us, and we take this very seriously.  There will be revenge, even if it’s the last thing we do.  It will happen, I promise you.

SHLD: Moving on to a lighter note, I heard that you are a Jack Frost impersonator in your free time.

JF: That is true!  It started because of my name – I got kidded about it a lot in school.  But it’s really taking off!  You’d be surprised how much demand there is.  I do kids’ birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs – there’s a lot of demand in Alaska for a Jack Frost impersonator!

SHLD: How have you honed in on really embodying Jack Frost, the man of cold?

JF: Well, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be close to cold, being a hockey player.  And of course, here in Alaska, lots of cold.  But the challenge is to not just be a guy who is cold, or a guy who likes the cold – you have to BE the cold.  That’s the big acting challenge.

SHLD: I know this is a tough question, but: do you prefer being a hockey player, or a Jack Frost impersonator?

JF: Oh, a hockey player, definitely!  That’s been my dream since I was a little kid.  And now that I’m on a team that’s good, maybe people will want me to come to their parties and weddings and bar mitzvahs as myself, instead of Jack Frost.  That would be really cool!

SHLD: I know that you’re one of the league goal leaders.  Do you think you might be able to clinch that title for the season?

JF: I think it’s possible.  I’ve got a great bunch of teammates who feed me great passes and get me good looks, so I think I’ve got a shot.  But to me, the far more important goal is winning the championship.  I’d much rather get that than the scoring title.  That’s where my head is at.

SHLD: Well, thank you very much for your time, and I hope your team will have a good rest of the season.  I’m confident that you’ll strive to be among the best.

JF: Thanks!  I believe we’ve got a great shot.


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