Shockers Get In Trouble at Border

Saskatchewan ShockersThe Saskatchewan Shockers found themselves in hot water with the TSA thanks to a smart-aleck player.  The Shockers flew into Grand Rapids this week for a game against the Michigan Gray Wolves.  While the team was going through customs, an official asked Shockers C Foster Culp if he had packed his own luggage.  Culp replied, “Actually, the clubhouse guys pack our bags for us.  But the bag with the guns and heroin, I packed that one myself.”

Foster Culp
Foster Culp

Culp’s flippant answer led to the team being delayed at the airport for an additional five hours.  Three hours were spent on a complete search of all of the Shockers’ luggage, and coach Myron Beasley spent the next two hours convincing the officials to release Culp from detention.  The team didn’t get to their hotel until after 3 AM, which was likely a contributing factor in their 5-1 loss to the Gray Wolves the next night.

The Shockers fined Culp $1,000 for his antics.  During his postgame press conference, Beasley said, “I should have just let them keep him in jail.”

Culp apologized to the team, saying, “It’s the kind of thing that you think is funny after a long day and a long losing streak.  I made the mistake of thinking that those TSA agents might have a sense of humor.”

Culp started the season on Saskatchewan’s third line, and was promoted to the second line based on his solid play.  Beasley said that he did not plan to punish Culp by benching or demoting him: “I assign lines based on merit.  Foster might be a knucklehead, but he’s a good player.”

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