Interview of the Week: Rick Nelson

New York NightOur interview of the week is with New York Night RW Rick “The Stick” Nelson.

SHL Digest: We are here today with Rick “The Stick” Nelson, one of the stars of the New York Night.

Rick Nelson: It must be an honor for you to get to speak with me.

Rick Nelson
Rick “The Stick” Nelson

SHLD: Um, sure.  So, according to fan polls around the league, you are the least popular player in the SHL.  How do you feel about that?

RN: Well, I attribute most of that to jealousy.  Every team wishes they had a player as great as me.  They don’t, so naturally they resent me.

SHLD: Do you think that’s it?  After all, there are a lot of talented players in this league, and a lot of good goal scorers-

RN: Maybe so, but in terms of the total package, it doesn’t get better than me.

SHLD: Okay.  Would you care to comment on the incident from last week?

RN: What incident are you talking about?

SHLD: There was a 6-year-old child who asked for your autograph, and you yelled at the kid until she cried.

RN: Oh, that.

SHLD: There was a YouTube video and everything.

RN: Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of static about that.  But people don’t know the real story.

SHLD: What is the real story?

RN: The kid just wanted my autograph to sell it.

SHLD: A 6-year-old was going to sell your autograph?

RN: I know a scam when I see one.  She looked cute, but she was a hustler at heart.

SHLD: Oooh-kay.  So, your team is currently in last place in the East.  Isn’t that pretty disappointing?

RN: That’s not my fault.

SHLD: We never said it was.  But surely you expected to be better than this.

RN: Listen, this team is way too talented to be in last place all season.  We’re poised for a comeback.  Even if I have to make that happen single-handedly.

SHLD: Is that possible?

RN: Of course it is.  Remember, you’re in the presence of greatness.

SHLD: Riiiiight.  Well, thanks for your time, Rick.

RN: I’m getting paid for this, right?

(Editor’s Note: He was not, in fact, getting paid for this.)

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