Dakota Player: Anchorage Needs to Move

Anchorage IgloosThe Anchorage Igloos are, shall we say, remote relative to the other teams of the SHL.  Dakota Rapids RW Elliott Pepper, after his team had to fly to and from Alaska yet again, vented his frustration and called for the league to force the Igloos to move.

Elliott Pepper
Elliott Pepper

“It’s ridiculous,” said Pepper.  “It’s totally unfair to ask us to go there and back six times a year.  They’re halfway across the world from every other team in the league.  No wonder they do so well at home; the other team is so jet-lagged they can barely stand up.  It’s a joke, and I don’t know why the league accepts it.”

Asked what he felt the solution was, Pepper replied, “Move them.  Have them go to Seattle or Kansas City or, I don’t know, somewhere in this hemisphere.  If Anchorage wants a hockey team, they can play in the Russian league.”

Informed of Pepper’s comments, Igloos coach Sam Castor replied tartly, “Alaska has a proud hockey tradition, and the fans here deserve a team at least as much as South Dakota.”  Asked whether he felt the travel complaint was fair, Castor replied, “If he doesn’t like it, imagine having to fly 10 hours for every road game all season.  If anyone’s getting the short end of the travel stick, it’s us.  But you don’t hear me complaining.”

Castor added, “Every time we play in Dakota, I can never find a decent place to have dinner.  Should I tell the league to make the Rapids move to a real city?”


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