Night, Wolves Face Off in Tense Battle

New York NightMichigan Grey WolvesThe New York Night and the Michigan Gray Wolves faced off this week for the first time since Night LW Pascal Royal was injured by a hard Michigan check.  After that game, the teams’ coaches traded harsh words, with New York’s Preston Rivers calling the Gray Wolves “goons” and Michigan’s Martin Delorme said the Night were more interested in “looking pretty and signing autographs” than in playing hockey.

This week’s showed that there is no love lost between the two teams.  When New York’s starting lineup was announced before the game, to the tune of “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred, the crowd at Cadillac Place booed the visiting Night lustily.  The teams proceeded to play a chippy, physical game, with the crowd exploding in cheers every time a New York player hit the boards.

The game was punctuated by a 3rd-period brawl.  It started when frustrated Night D Dick Bradshaw started shoving Gray Wolves D Frank Mudrick, who responded with a hail of punches.  At that point, all the players on the ice began shoving and wrestling.  Bradshaw and Mudrick were both ejected.

After the game, a 2-1 win, Delorme expressed satisfaction and fired another shot across the Night’s bow.  “I was very proud of our boys and our crowd,” said Delorme.  “They made sure that New York understands what real hockey looks like.  If their players need some extra hair gel after this game, I will buy it for them.”

Rivers called the crowd “bloodthirsty animals” and said that he expect the Gray Wolves to receive league discipline.  “I’m just glad we got out in one piece,” said Rivers.  “Those fans weren’t there for a hockey game; they wanted an MMA cage fight.  I’m glad we only have to come here three times a year.  Hopefully, by the next time, the league will make them clean up their act.”

The league did not take any disciplinary action as a result of the game.

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