Galaxy Promo Mocking Trump Draws Criticism

Washington GalaxyThe Washington Galaxy ruffled some feathers with a between-period promotional stunt this week.  Between the first and second periods of the Galaxy’s game against the Hamilton Pistols, the goal mouths were covered with paper that depicted a caricature of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Fans were then invited onto the ice to take slapshots at the caricature; the first one to rip it won a prize.

The promotion was highly popular with most in attendance, but a few fans complained to the Galaxy front office, calling the promotion “disrespectful” and “un-American.”

Washington GM Garnet “Ace” Adams issued a statement apologizing for the promotion.  The statement read in part: “Washington is a political town, and so it’s a popular subject for jokes and gibes.  That said, we never want to make fun of the political preferences of any of our fans…  If we do any politically-themed promotions in the future, we’ll be sure to ensure that the jokes are aimed equally at both sides.  Galaxy hockey is bipartisan fun for the whole family.”

Asked to comment on the controversy, Washington coach Rodney Reagle said, “I’m ignorant enough about hockey.  I don’t think you want me weighing in on politics.”

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