SHL Player of the Week – Week 1

Michigan Grey WolvesThe SHL selected Michigan Grey Wolves G Dirk “The Bear” Lundquist as its Player of the Week.  For the week, Lundquist posted a 4-0-2 record with a 1.30 GAA and a .952 save percentage, and he has led the Grey Wolves to the league’s best record.

Dirk Lundquist
Dirk Lundquist

“We are all about the old-time heavy hockey,” said Michigan coach Martin Delorme.  “Dirk is a hard-nosed player, and nothing fazes him.  He is a stone wall in the crease.”

In addition to his goaltending prowess, Lundquist is widely praised around the league for his amazing beard.  “I don’t think he needs pads or shinguards,” said Grey Wolves C Hunter Bailes.  “If the league would allow it, I’m pretty sure he could just swallow up shots in his beard.  That thing is incredible.”


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