Interview of the Week: Myron Beasley

Saskatchewan ShockersOur interview of the week is with Saskatchewan Shockers coach Myron Beasley.

SHL Digest: How do you feel about the losing streak that has happened this past week?

Myron Beasley: I am not too happy, but there is still plenty of time for us to catch back up.  This is only the beginning of the season.  We just had a rough start.

Myron Beasley
Myron Beasley

SHLD: Do you have any plans of how you will get back into the rankings?

MB: We really need to focus on the basics before trying to get too fancy with it. The basic plan is to keep it simple with the things we already know before getting more complicated.

SHLD: You have already lost the first 6 games.  Do you still think there is time to make it up?

MB: I do, we just had a rough start. Now that the boys have had time on the ice, they will be ready for the rest of the season ahead. I am confident that we will be able to come back.  So the rest of the teams better watch out, because the Shockers will be giving their all for the rest of the season.

SHLD: You heard it here first: the underdog Shockers will make a comeback starting next week. Well, good luck during the rest of the season!  As you said, the other teams better watch out. Thank you for your time.

MB: No problem, thank you for talking to me. Go Shockers!

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