Hershey’s “Love Line” A Fan Favorite

Hershey BlissOne week into the SHL’s inaugural season, and we already have a fan-favorite line.  Fans of the Hershey Bliss are swooning over their first-line forward grouping: LW Lance Sweet, C Justin Valentine, and RW Christopher Hart.   The trio have been dubbed the “Love Line,” and their on-ice chemistry is likely to be key to Hershey’s chances of savoring postseason success.

Lance Sweet
Lance Sweet

The three players have known each other since attending high school together in Toronto, and they’ve played together so long that they can always find each other on the ice.  “They’ve got such a great feel for each other,” said Bliss coach “Chocolate Chip” Barber.  “One of them will bring the puck up, and he’ll just know where the other two are on the ice.  They’re like those twins that can communicate telepathically.”

Justin Valentine
Justin Valentine

But it’s not just their silky-smooth game that makes the Love Line so popular.  The three are all young, handsome, and unattached, which has made them popular with female Bliss fans.  Signs that have been spotted at Bliss games include: “Justin, I’ll Be Your Valentine”; “Hershey Is the SWEETest Place On Earth!”; and “Chris Stole My Hart”.  Barber described his top line as “a boy band in skates, basically.”

Christopher Hart
Christopher Hart

All three players seem flattered but a bit puzzled by the adulation.  “I mean, we haven’t even done anything yet,” said Valentine.  “We could be serial killers for all they know.”  If the wins keep coming, though, they might become the most eligible bachelors in Central Pennsylvania.

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