Pistols Make Last-Minute Color Change

Hamilton Pistols Orig Home Uniform
Original Hamilton Pistols Uniforms

The Hamilton Pistols underwent an unusual costume change during their first week.  During their first three games, the Pistols wore blue-and-yellow uniforms.  Then for the fourth game, in their home opener, the team skated out in red-and-yellow unis.

What happened?  Blame a late change of heart and a shipping snafu.  When the team’s logo and uniforms were originally being designed, their color scheme featured blue, yellow, and silver.  But in the weeks leading up to the start of the season, the Pistols’ ownership decided to switch from blue to red, which they felt was a more “athletic” color.  Problem was, they’d already ordered the blue-and-yellow uniforms.

Hamilton Pistols Home Uniform
New Pistols Uniforms

They went ahead and order a new set of unis in red anyhow.  However, delivery of the uniforms was delayed by a freak snowstorm, and the Pistols didn’t have their new duds in time for their first game.

“Obviously, we didn’t want to send them out in the blue [uniforms],” said Pistols GM Marcel LaClaire.  “But when the new ones were delayed, it was either that or all the guys were going to be skating around in sweats.”  The Pistols lost their first three games in the blue uniforms.

Fortunately, when they arrived home in Hamilton, the red uniforms were waiting in their lockers.  The Pistols celebrated by burning the old blue uniforms in a dumpster behind their arena.  “There was a lot of bad juju in those duds,” said LW Steven Alexander.  “We wanted a fresh start.”

It seems to have worked, too: the first night in their correct uniforms, the Pistols shot down Anchorage, 3-2.  For any fans who bought blue-and-yellow Pistols merchandise, the team is offering to replace it with equivalent items in the correct colors.

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